high risk credit card processing solutions

Precise Payment Solutions – Virtual Terminals for ACH and Credit Card Processing          Apply today, great rates and worldwide solutions. Precise Payments has a very secure and reliable multi-currency platform for credit card processing and automated check handling (ACH); available with market leading fraud minimization systems and premium support services for small or large businesses […]


Discount shopping at CanAmShop

CanAmShop for all your discount shopping. Back to School shopping Daily and weekly specials. HCG Diets. At CanAmShop Generics we are shipping you the identical hcg product that is used by doctors and in expensive hcg clinics: human chorionic gonadotropin. No homeopathic scam product or useless drops, that do not contain the real hormone! No […]

sales via smartphones and tablets growing

The 500 leading retailers in mobile commerce will experience sales via smartphones and tablets growing 80% in 2014 to $83.78 billion, 21% of total web sales for those merchants, according to the Internet Retailer 2015 Mobile 500, published today. Responsive design and mobile apps stand as the big trends, finds the 384-page m-commerce guide. Mobile […]

Microsoft narrowed down the culprits to four buggy updates

Patch Tuesday is proving problematic for Microsoft this month after several Windows users were left seeing blue. The company was forced to pull four updates released on Aug. 12 following reports that they were causing Windows PCs to display the so-called “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD), an error screen that can only be dismissed by […]

Dell’s growing mobile technology

Enterprises are continuing to struggle with issues around their increasingly mobile environments, from the number of new smartphones and tablets that are hitting the market—and finding their way into the corporate scene—to the challenges of managing the devices and data that lies within them, according to Sean Wisdom, global director of mobility solutions at Dell. […]

Microsoft fixing Explorer

Having some trouble with your Web browser? Specifically, Internet Explorer? If you’ve noticed that your Microsoft browser has felt as if it’s been crawling to a halt lately, then we have some good news for you: Microsoft knows about the issue and has recently issued a hotfix to correct it. If you have no idea […]

FCC to accept comments on "net neutrality" rules through Sept. 15

Logo of the United States Federal Communications Commission, used on their website and some publications since the early 2000s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Friday said it would accept public comments on its proposed new “net neutrality” rules through Sept. 15, giving Americans extra time to weigh in on how they think Internet traffic should be […]


FCC may hold talks outside Washington on net neutrality

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy on Wednesday called on the Federal Communications Commission to host hearings on its new proposed “net neutrality” rules outside of Washington, not just at its offices in the U.S. capital. The FCC is working to write new so-called “net neutrality” rules that regulate how Internet service providers (ISPs) […]